Treatments for Your Lower Extremities

Pro-PT understands injuries of the lower extremities. We know how painful and inconvenient they can be. That is why we take the time to constantly update our education, training, and resources to provide patients with the most effective treatments and our best efforts towards a full recovery.

Whether we are dealing with feet, ankles, hips, or knees, we have the experience necessary to treat a variety of injuries and give our patients the mobility and function they need:

Feet & Ankles: General foot pain, sprains, fractures, tendonitis – these are just a sample of afflictions we run into with feet and ankles. We treat plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and Achilles heels, shin splints, and more. We design effective foot and ankle treatments to provide a full range of motion, and ensure that the bedrock of lower mobility is left in-tact.

Hips: When you need a hip replacement, there is going to be recovery time that comes with it. Pro-PT has the knowledge you need to make a full, healthy recovery, and reclaim the full functionality you need to go on. We give you information about precautions against fractures and falls, bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, and more. No matter where you are on your personal journey towards recovery, we’ll be right there with you.

Knees: Your knees are some of your most susceptible body parts when it comes to injury. Runner’s knees, patella-femoral pain, ACL tears and reconstructions, knee arthroscopy, meniscal tears and repairs, arthritis – the list of potential dangers and injuries goes on. But, if you have Pro-PT in your corner, to help you overcome those challenges, you have the best professionals with the treatments you need to make things right again.

If you have other questions regarding lower extremity treatments, please call Pro-PT at 336-267-9596 to schedule your next appointment.